Panel discussion on the topics “Views & Impacts of New BCI guidelines”

On 23rd January 2021, LawBharat had held a panel discussion on the topics “Views & Impacts of New BCI guidelines” by eminent speakers by Navneet R and Jayant Bhatt (both are Advocate Supreme Court). Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Ankit Yadav sir was not able to join the session.

The session was interactive and educative for the audience. The host was kind enough to ask the relevant question related to recent changes and suggestion given by the Bar Council of India which has an impact on the law students and their decision related to career.

The fee important question was such as:

1. What was the point of view of the speakers on whether 3-years’ experience required to give judicial examination?

2. Whether the abolishment of the one-year master programme is wise able by BCI when the UGC had granted permission for the one-year master programme?

3. Do we require news laws for a better legal system in India?

Both the speakers were kind and humble to answer the question with simplicity and to the point which helped the audience to make better decisions. The speakers also motivated and started to enjoy the process of doing law as the BCI always has a reason to make changes and amend laws. The Constitution of India has given us a legal remedy to file writ if any of the BCI rules ae infringement to individuals right if reasonable.

To conclude, the panel discussion was educative and much required when confused and chaos was surrounded among the students over the BCI rules and regulations.

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