Legal news update - 2nd July 2020

By - Neha Goenka

Delhi High court appreciated the efforts of various members of Bar to

support the clerks.

The Delhi High Court has expressed appreciation towards the efforts made by the various

members of the Bar in supporting the members of Delhi High Court Bar Clerks Association

in these trying times.

These observations were made in a writ moved by DHCBCA seeking financial aid for its

members due to economic hardship caused by the lockdown.

In relation to this following things stated by senior advocate mohit mathur

 informed the court that various members of the Bar have made voluntary

contributions to support the members of DHCBCA.

 Ms.Maninder Acharya, learned senior counsel has generously volunteered to donate

a sum of Rs.2 lakhs; similarly Mr.Rishi Agarwala, and Mr. Jayant Mehta, Advocates

have volunteered to donate sums of Rs.3 lakhs and 1 lakh respectively to such a fund,

as and when it is created.'

 Mr Mathur further assured the court that more such contributions will be made once

the fund is finally operationalised

 Was also submitted by Mr Mathur, that he along with Senior Advocates Kirti Uppal

and Inder Singh Alag, are on agreement on the point that the amount contributed by

the various members of the Bar can be deposited in the bank account of the petitioner

itself, provided that the funds are only released to those members of the Petitioner

association who are recommended by the two/three member committee proposed to

be set up by the DHCBA.

 While directing the Petitioner to remove paragraph 16 and file an amended petition,

the court noted that it is expected that by the next date, the Bar Association and the

Petitioner will be able to convey to this Court a mutually agreed upon solution to lend

timely financial aid to the needy members of the petitioner association.

 In addition to this, it was also informed to the court that by an order dated 30/06/20,

the Delhi Government has rejected the Petitioner's representation seeking aid from the

Delhi Government.

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