Legal news update - 5 July 2020

By Neha goenka

In order to contain the spread of Coronavirus : SC to hear matters through

virtual court system

In order to contain the spread of corona virus and the guidelines issues by the government the Supreme Court of India will continue its Virtual Court hearing system when Court opens

from July 6. It has issued circular in super session of earlier circulars and further elaborating

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for e-filing, mentioning, listing and hearing of matters

through video conferencing / tele-conferencing mode.

Matters which are listed-

 The fresh matters which could not be listed earlier, may be listed before the Hon’ble

Virtual Court in the week from 06.07.2020 to 10.07.2020.

 With effect from 13.07.2020, subject to availability of matters , the miscellaneous

cases may be listed on Monday and Friday.

 On non-miscellaneous days i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, miscellaneous

matters including final hearing matters and regular matters may be listed

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