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Corruption In Judiciary Worse Than That In Public Departments: Madras HC Calls For

Strengthening Of Vigilance System, Surprise Visits, Inspections.

The conscience of this Court would not permit it, if this Court fails to mention the increasing

corrupt practices in the Judiciary Department as well as in Court premises", remarked Justice S.

M. Subramaniam.

The bench was of the view that urgent and stringent measures are warranted and appropriate

instructions/guidelines are to be issued to all the Government Offices. "The competent

Authorities of the Government have the choice to obtain suggestions and expert opinions in the

field of Anticorruption and accordingly issue comprehensive instructions/directions/guidelines to

deal with the corrupt practices in Public Departments", stated the bench. Expressing that the

Government of the day is expected to strengthen the Anticorruption wings and periodical and

frequent surprise raids/inspections are to be conducted in public offices, the bench observed that

further, the assets and the liabilities of the department servants are to be periodically verified as

the Service Rules require every public servant is bound to furnish the details of their assets and


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