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Delhi HC reserves its order in an early hearing plea in the 2G

Scam case.

The Delhi High Court has today reserved its order in an early hearing application moved by the

Central Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement Directorate in connection to the 2G Scam case

contending that the matter is required to be heard at the earliest as the concerned Judge is due to

retire soon.

A single-judge bench comprising Justice Brijesh Sethi while hearing the application through

video conferencing heard the matter in length from both the parties and has further reserved its

order. Continuing the arguments of yesterday Advocate Vijay Agrawal appearing for the

respondents submitted that there had been 90 more documents consisting around 15000 pages

that are not on record and now they would put this on record. Mr. Agrawal further added that “I

do not want to take away the right of the people of less privilege who cannot even afford a


He further contended that out of all the 6 matters, 3 matters whereas, all of the 6 matters are 2 G

matters, then why only us. All 3 cases refer to different incidents, different facts, are indeed 2G

cases and are supposed to be heard together. My case is too small with Rs. 200 Crores only

whereas, the other matters involve around Rs. 700 Crores in which the property release

application was moved, and in which no status quo was sought, no early hearing application was

filed, Mr. Agrawal added. Mr. Agrawal also contended that most of the respondents, in this case,

are 65+ and there is advisory of the central government against the movement. He added this

early hearing application is taking 3 or 4 hearings’ Sanjay Jain appearing for the petitioner

submitted that “the public interest lies in assisting Institutions in reaching their goal as early as

possible. “Mr. Jain adding to his contention, stated that “the perception of urgency is party-

centric, urgency lies in the completion of a part-heard matter. A Judge of High Court is not

prevented by any circular from completing a part-heard matter. “Part heard matter has consumed

the time of the judiciary, if later listed before another bench the time will be wasted, Mr. Jain.

The bench has reserved its order in the matter.

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