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Orissa HC: Maintain minimum decorum even in video conferencing

The Orissa High Court after experiencing some horrible incidents while conducting hearing through Video Conferencing seriously condemned the conducting of a case inside a vehicle on road.

In the case first where a counsel after finishing his case brought his wife inside the Video Conferencing site and even after frequent requests since the position did not improve, the Court from its side had to disconnect the petitioner’s connection. The second instance is, a counsel argued his matter from the garden. On query learned counsel said he could not get proper contact from inside his house, which proved to be wrong when learned counsel shifted the system to inside his house and he was requested not to repeat in future.

The advocate had apologized in June to the SC who made an appearance in T-shirt while lying on the bed.

Since the Orissa HC is having a bad experience of video conferencing, the Court had requested the Bar Council of India to give necessary instructions to the lawyers.

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