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Photographs lifted from Instagram posted on porn websites: Delhi High Court orders immediate removal of content.

The Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi Police to take immediate steps to take down the photographs of a woman which were posted on a pornographic site without her consent.

The Single Bench of Justice Anupam Jairam has also transferred the complaint to Cyber Prevention Awareness and Detection unit as the said entity is fully equipped to deal with cyber crime issues.

The order has come in a plea moved by a woman who has complained that the picture that she posted on Instagram and Facebook , has mischievously and illegally been lifted and placed on a porn website with derogatory captions.

Mr Sarthak Maggon, who appeared for the petitioner submitted that the respondents portal is a spurious website which carries pornography content and which ought to have been banned and taken down from the world wide web by the competent authorities.

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