Legal news- 9th July 2020

By Neha Goenka

Court wants to find out if salt mining at the lake has any connection. State,

Central governments seem clueless

The double bench of the Rajasthan High Court, headed by Chief Justice Indrajit Mahanty, has instructed the center and state governments to suggest names of officers and scientists who may be deputed to ascertain the impact of salt mining on the ecology of Sambhar Lake.

Thousands of migratory birds have died in the lake since December 2019, but authorities

were not able to tell the exact cause of death to the court.

The court had taken suo motto cognizance of the death of birds in the lake, around 80Km

from the capital Jaipur. Sambhar Lake is included in one of the most important wetland sites

of the world under the Ramsar Convention.

AC Jain highlighted the need to take a step before the next season of migration sets in after

the monsoon season. The court directed the state, Union government, and AC to suggest names of officers and experts who can ascertain the impact of salt mining by the Sambhar Salt Limited and other lessees at the banks of Sambhar Lake, spread across Jaipur and Nagaur districts.

The next hearing in the case would take place on July.

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