Legal News - 8th July 2020

By – Neha Goenka

Bank cannot reject application of education loan solely on the basis that

applicants parents have unsatisfactory credit history/scores: Kerala HC

The writ petition filed by a 20- year old boy, Pranav challenging the state bank of India, who

rejected his education loan application on the ground that credit history of the petitioners

parents doesn’t permit the sanction of loan, to which court held that the application of

education loan cannot be rejected on the sole of ground of applicant’s parents “unsatisfactory credit scores”

Further, the court directed the bank to assess the “repayment possibilities” applied for and

relying on mode loan scheme and earlier judgement of Kerala HC, court therefore directed

loan application to be assessed as per courts ruling, and unsatisfactory credit scores is no

ground when the loan applicant is otherwise eligible

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