Judgement of the day: Kehar singh and ors v. State ( Delhi admn.) 1988 AIR 1883


Kehar Singh, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh were alleged to have plotted and assassinated the Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi in her residence. They were posted to guard her but instead, conspired and shot her 30 times. After the assassination they tries to escape but Beant Singh was killed in the cross fire between them and the police commandos. Satwant Singh was injured and arrested including Kehar Singh and charged with assassinating the Prime Minister.


The court held that Kehar and Satwant Singh are guilty of murder and sentenced them to death. On further appeal, the supreme court upheld the decisions of the lower court. It added that there is no justification for the murder of the Prime Minister by persons who ought to protect her. As such killing her with not just one or two bullets but 30 shots showed that they were out on a vengeful mission. Both Kehar singh and Satwant singh were hanged to death in Tihar jail.

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