Judgement of the Day-Faheema Shirin vs State of Kerela.

Faheema Shirin v State of Kerela.

Right To Internet.

WP(MD) No. 15664 of 2019


In this case faheema shirin, a third semester B.A English student of the college at chelanpur and

she challengend the new Regulations implemented at the hostel which Restricted them the use of

mobile phones within the hostel from 10:00 pm to 6:00Am shirin complained to the hostel

authority for restrictions. And she did not adhere to the rules then hostel Authority served the

notice to vacant the hostel room within 12 hours.


Whether the using of mobile phones infringed the fundamental right under Article 21?


Justice P.V Ashaigh delivered the judgement, said that mobile access is important to acquire

knowledge from all available sources in order to achieve excellence and enhance the quality and

standard of education. And restrictions found unreasonable, Right to have Access to internet

becomes the part of right to privacy under Article 21 of Constitution of India.

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