How to be an effective writer.

By Gazal Gupta

Content are not just words they are life of a book, strength of a person and expressions which can make or break someone’s day. Life without content will be no fun, the knowledge or lets say the adventurous feel which content gives us cannot be found in other activities. To have good content we need people who possess some necessary skills. Becoming a content writer isn’t easy, there are a lot of steps needed to become a successful writer. Here are a list of skills which an effective content writer should have-

1. Strong research skills- Research is not an easy task, we need to minimise lots of content and find the right points which can add credibility and reliability to our writing. There are various research types which can be used like primary research- surveying, telephone interviews etc or secondary research- collecting data through websites, magazines etc. researching is necessary and required to become a good content writer.

2. Knowing your reader- it’s important to know who your reader is and what type of audience you are targeting. Knowing your reader is one of the basic skills every writer should have, without knowing the reader is like writing without any aim. Also knowing what kind of content does he want is necessary to know.

3. Language skills- it is necessary to write spelling, grammar and sentences correctly. A reader will only find an article relatable when he is able to connect with it and wrong grammar or misspelled sentences can lead to no consistency of reading and will lead to less appealing write ups.

4. Generating ideas and being original- Content can be found online and can be paraphrased but it is necessary to be original. Incorporating our own ideas can lead to people being attracted towards our thoughts which will make them read our further work. Something new is always appreciated and required in our dynamic world.

5. Communication- it is necessary to communicate with our readers, articulating our thoughts and depicting them clearly. Communication can be easier if there is usage of images, videos and statistics. It is our job to know the best way to communicate with our chosen audience.

6. Social media access- social media is one of the best ways to target audience today. An active social media account leads to communication between author and reader. Also, social media helps in awareness of the blog or content. If people are more aware about it then they will be more attracted towards it.

7. Knowing basics of SEO- It is a very important tool for modern day writing. Applying right keywords, inserting appropriate images and working through SEO will be the right boost desired by a writer to shine as a star performer. SEO adds quality to the content and is helpful in applying best practices in writing.

8. Adaptability- it is necessary to adapt to new content and new techniques. Sometimes a few writers lack skills because of their old ways but writers who adapt new techniques and ways are more relied upon and worked with.

9. Editing- editing is necessary and should be done patiently. The content written is never perfect, we need to edit it again and again to make it more valuable and relatable with the readers.

10. Ability to meet deadline- every client has a deadline they need to meet so giving our work on time is very much required so they can depend upon us for other jobs.

There is more to a content writer than this but these skills are the most important ones and can lead to effective writing and achieving great heights in the same field. As MJ Bush said “Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingerprints”. Go for content writing mates!

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