Criminal Course by Association of Indian Students , for budding next-gen lawyers.

This course includes criminology, criminal justice and criminal procedure under criminal law. It will introduce students to the ways in which images and notions of crime are constructed and represented, including the links between crime and the key social divisions of age, gender and ethnicity. Students will be introduced to the working of criminal justice system, different specials laws and its key agencies. Students would cover the measurement of crime, representations of crime, the aims and justification of punishment, the structure and operation of criminal justice. On the successful completion of the course students will explore the major area of crime and criminal law.

Association of Indian Students is honoured to present Criminal Course for the budding next generation lawyers. The Virtual Course aims to impart deep knowledge on criminal trial by the eminent personalities in the legal field. The  respective course will be divided into various modules dealt by distinguished Criminal Practitioners.

The fee per head is  ₹ 500 exemption being Executive Members,  fee per head is ₹ 450 

Here is the Splendid Benefits of the Criminal Trial Course are:

1. Practical Knowledge of Criminal Trial.

2. Learn from the experts of the field.

3. Internship opportunity.

4. Study material on criminal law.

5. Certificate of Appreciation.

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