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About ProBono India

Founded in October 2016 with an aim to integrate legal aid and awareness initiatives –

ProBono India has ventured into different avenues viz. legal aid, legal awareness, legal

intervention, legal journalism, legal activism etc. – all with the underlying objective of

contributing to the positive development of the society with a strong socio-legal approach.

The activities at ProBono India include an active dissemination of legal information via the

medium of its official website, rolling internship programmes for law students to help them

develop a holistic personality with a socio-legal approach to their professional personality,

interviews with eminent personalities working at the ground-level offering insights into their

successful projects, providing a platform to promote and publish the art of research and legal

writing, amongst many others.

The team of ProBono India works to promote legal activism as we believe that law and

society are two sides of the same coin. Law and society are so inextricably interdependent

that to both need to be equally improved in order to lead the world into the desired new order. We at ProBono India believe in a better and brighter tomorrow. We believe not just in being passengers on this drive to change – rather, we aim to drive towards the change.

About GNLU Legal Services Committee

The GNLU Legal Services Committee set up under Section 4(k) of the Legal Services

Authorities Act, 1987, rides on the principles of empowering the society with legal awareness

and legal aid.

Over the years, the GNLU LSC has strived to recognize the potential of law as an instrument

of social change. The Legal Services Committee acts as a ‘community legal clinic’ and

focuses on, inter alia, the deprivation of government benefits, eviction and issues of domestic violence.

The GNLU LSC has always been motivated to work for the betterment of the society and

more so for the enhancement of living standards of the underprivileged. In this regard,

activities such street plays, drama performances and community legal service programs

which promote legal awareness in areas akin to environment, consumer rights, human rights, right to information and labour laws are often organized by the LSC.

We have started various initiatives after the establishment of the Legal Services Committee,

one of the recent projects that we have undertaken is the Migrant Workers Assistance Project in collaboration with the Centre for Law & Society, as in the current times the Migrant

Workers and their families are one of the worst hit sections of the society, the Legal Services

Committee has tried to arrange transport, food and other necessities for them with the support of local NGO’s, Government Authorities and various Collaborators. Under this project, we have contacted around 35000 migrant workers and tried to put them and collected over 5 Lakh rupees under the Crowdfunding drive that we initiated. The Legal Services Committee has also instituted various yearlong projects such as the Legal Aid Clinic where we have tried to assist people legally in their legal disputes. We have also tried to connect them with professional lawyers for court proceedings and legal remedies. Other initiatives include teaching drives, Know Your Rights program where children are being made aware of the basic rights by the LSC volunteers. Our flagship events include the Interlinking LSC Annual forum where LSC’s from all around the country come to GNLU and in presence of eminent resource persons discussions on basic legal issues take place. Other programs that the LSC organises is the Blood Donation camp which is a bi-annual event that takes place in collaboration with organisation such as Red Cross Society and Government Hospitals. There are various projects that we undertake with the help of our partners such as Robinhood Army wherein, LSC volunteers take up teaching work in schools of Gujarat as well as provide our mess food in the village areas near the university. The LSC thrives to help and assist people in whatever manner we can to help the downtrodden sections of the society.

About Kamendu Joshi & Associate

Kamendu Joshi & Associates aims to ensure compliance. How not to go for litigation i.e.

Litigation Free World. We are Ahmedabad based law firm having our presence across India.

In the 10 years span of professional experience, firm has worked in many areas like

Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Civil and Criminal Litigation and ADR,

Employment and Industrial Law, Real Estate, Tax, Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate

Restructuring, Business Law. While advising on any issues they take into account legal

aspects, government regulations, and current business scenarios. Despite their professional

achievements, they are also focusing on giving back to society and one of the goals is to

reach the underprivileged section of people who seek expert advice at the right time.


With special reference to practical aspects of Right to Information, Public Interest Litigation and Rights of Victim Legal Aid means giving free legal services to the poor and weaker section of society who cannot afford to take the service of the advocate to conduct a case or any legal proceeding in the court of law, any judicial authority or before any judicial tribunal. Article 39A of the Constitution of India provides that State shall secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunity, and shall, in particular, provide free legal aid, by suitable legislation or schemes or in any other way, to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen because of economic or other disability.

Articles 14 and 22(1) also make it obligatory for the State to ensure equality before the law

and a legal system which promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunity to all. Legal aid

strives to ensure that constitutional pledge is fulfilled in its letter and spirit and equal justice

is made available to the poor, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

The preamble of the Indian constitution aims to secure to the people of India justice-socio-

economic and political. His Lordship Justice P.N. Bhagwati aptly stated that legal aid means

providing an arrangement in the society which makes the machinery of administration of

Justice easily accessible and in reach of those who have to resort to it for enforcement of

rights given to them by law. Article 38(1) avows that the State shall promote the welfare of

the people by securing and protecting the social order including justice.

Article 21 clearly says that every person has an equal right to life and liberty except

according to the procedure established by the law. The State shall secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice, on a basis of equal opportunity, and shall, in particular,

provide free legal aid, by suitable legislation or schemes or in any other way, to ensure that

opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen because of economic or other


The Course is designed to give an outline of the Legal Aid system in India, and its

development by the judiciary. It covers various aspects of Right to Information, Public

Interest Litigation and Rights of the Victims. It will help the participants to learn the

significance of legal aid in the path to achieving justice.

The main objectives of the course is-

 To enable the students to understand the history and development of Legal Aid in


 To give a basic idea about the Right to Information and its significance

 To explain the concept of Public Interest Litigation and its importance for provision

of access to justice, particularly in India

 To realize the significance of Rights of the Victims


1) Legal Aid in India (5 Hours)

2) Public Interest Litigation (5 Hours)

3) Right to Information (5 Hours)

4) Rights of the Victim (5 Hours)

The Course will be for 1 Month and the duration is of 20 Hours. Online Sessions will be

conducted by subject experts on different topics in month of August 2020 and some session

may be arranged in September depending upon the situations. The Course comprises of 4

different modules. Online Sessions will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday for 2-3 hours

each day from 7 pm onwards. Guest sessions will also be planned depending on the need. The participants will be provided reading materials for each module and they are expected to read the material before the online sessions.

90% attendance is mandatory for award of Certificate of Completion of the course. There will

be a time bound online examination based on MCQ for 100 marks on Sunday, 13/09/2020

during 11-00 am to 1-00 p.m. wherein the students are expected to score a minimum of 50%

marks to get a passing certificate. Grade Pattern for certification - (A+ 90% and above, A

80% and above, B+ 70% and above, B 60% and above, C 50% and above). Moreover, the top

5 students will get the Certificate of Merit. Maximum 100 participants can be accommodated

in this first batch on first come first serve basis and looking at the statement of purpose of the


There is No Registration Fees to attend the course.

Certification :

Participants will be required to pay fees of Rs. 100/- if they want certificate after taking the online MCQ based examination. The amount shall be paid within 5 working days of completion of examination.

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For more details please contact

Tejasva Pratap Singh

Junior Research & Internship Coordinator

ProBono India

Mob. +91 91403 31386

Email :- teamprobono.in@gmail.com, tejasva211@gmail.com


Student Convenor

Legal Services Committee

Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar

Mob : +91-94140 11181

Email :- shrutihemandu@gmail.com.

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