6th Manipal Ranka- International Moot Court Competition - 2020

1. Aim and purpose

(i) To give exposure to students pursuing the law course to the environment of the court system in India and to hone their advocacy skills.

(ii) To provide a real life experience cum training in doing cutting edge research, presenting ground breaking arguments and contributing to the development of jurisprudence in concerned areas of law.

2. Date and Venue

December 17th and 18th, 2020 on Virtual Platform.

3. Team composition and eligibility criteria

(i) Each team shall comprise of three (3) members ONLY i.e. Two (2) speakers and one (1) researcher.

(ii) Arguments shall be in English only.

(iii) The competition is open for bonafide students pursuing five year and three year LLB programme.

(iv) Each Law College/ University shall be eligible to send one team. Team should not disclose the identity of their institution in course of proceedings in the court rooms; such disclosure shall invite penalties including disqualification.

(v) Each team shall be provided with the team code by draw of lots followed by exchange of memorials.

4. Registration

(i) The Registration form completed with all Team Details must be submitted online via link: https://forms.gle/hiJSsUuRHJKSkwfb6

(ii) A registration fee of Rs.1000 INR (National Participants) or 30USD (International Participants) is to be paid via https://www.payumoney.com/customer/users/paymentOptions/#/1011F8DA%207C0FCB5EC870FBB52B99DD08/Competition2020/212904

(iii) No change in the names of the participants shall be permitted after the receipt of the Registration Form, except at the sole discretion of the Organizers.

(iv) Teams should clearly mention the participants’ name, contact no. including year/semester of study.

5. Dress Code

The participants shall follow the below mentioned dress code at the time of their presentation:

(i) Females: white salwar kurta & Dupatta or white shirt and black trousers along with black coat and tie.

(ii) Males: white shirt, black trousers, black tie along with black coat. The dress code for all the functions at the competition shall be western formals for gentlemen and western or Indian formals for ladies.

Competition Rounds

There shall be preliminary round, quarter final, semi- final and a final round spreading over a period of 2 days.

1. Preliminary Round

(i) In preliminary round each team shall argue from one side (appellant/petitioner or respondent) as decided by draw of lot.

(ii) The marks of the preliminary round shall be the cumulative total of the marks of both the speakers. The team shall be credited with a win in a preliminary round if their round total is more than opposing team.

(iii) TOP EIGHT (8) teams shall move to the quarter finals on the basis of the CUMULATIVE marks of the preliminary round and the marks of the memorial of the side in which they were appeared. (iv) In case of a tie between two or more teams, the aggregate of the marks of memorials (appellant/petitioner and respondent) of the teams shall be counted. Team with highest marks moves ahead.

2. Quarter Final Round

(i) Eight (8) teams shall compete in quarter final. Criteria for qualifying to quarter finals have been mentioned in previous clauses.

(ii) It shall be a knock out round. The winner of each round shall move to the semifinal. Four (4) teams shall move to semi-finals.

(iii) The criteria of marking in this round are aggregate total of the marks of both the speakers.

(iv) In case of tie between teams, in quarter finals, the aggregate of the marks of memorials (appellant/petitioner and respondent) of the teams shall be counted. Team with highest marks moves ahead.

3. Semi Final Round / Final Round

(i) Four (4) teams shall compete in semi-finals. The criteria of qualifying in semifinals have been mentioned in previous clauses.

(ii) It shall be a knock out round. The winner of each round shall move to the Final.

(iii) The criteria of marking in this round are aggregate total of the marks of both the speakers.

(iv) In case of tie between teams, in semi-finals, the aggregate total of the marks of memorials (appellant/petitioner and respondent) of the teams shall be counted. Team with highest marks moves ahead.

(v) There shall be one (1) FINAL ROUND.

(vi) The marking criteria in Final Round is same as that of semi-final (clause 3.(iii).


(i) All teams must submit Memorials/ Written Submissions for both sides. (Appellant/petitioner and Respondent).

(ii) Participants are allowed to frame additional issues other than those provided in the moot proposition, if desired.

(iii) All teams must submit typed Memorials for both sides and the Memorials must fulfill all the following specifications;

(iv)Memorials must contain the following: (a) Cover page / Cause title. (b) Index. (c) Index of Authorities. (d) Statement of Jurisdiction. (e) Synopsis of Facts. (f) Summary of Arguments. (g) Arguments / Pleadings. (h) Conclusion / Prayer.

(v) The memorial shall not be of more than forty (40) pages and the Arguments shall not exceed more than twenty five (25) pages.

(vi) The Memorial shall be typed on A4 size page in Font type: Times New Roman, Font size : 12, 1.5 line spacing & 1 inch margin on each side. Blue Book pattern shall be followed.

(vii) The Cover Page of the Memorial must follow the following colour scheme, Blue for the Applicant Cover Page and Red for the Respondent Cover Page.

(viii) The Memorial must not contain any Annexure/Photographs/ Sketches/Exhibits/Affidavits etc.

(ix) Memorials that do not comply with the above mentioned specifications will be penalized. (x) Identification of any type shall attract severe penalty.

Marking criteria for memorials

(i) Memorial from each side shall carry total of hundred (100) marks.

(ii) The following shall be the criteria for marking the memorials: Sr. No. Marking Criteria Marks allocated

1. Knowledge of Facts - 10

2. Knowledge of Law 10

3. Proper and Articulate Analysis 10

4. Evidence of Original Thought 10

5. Grammar and Style 10

6. Correct Format and Citation 10

7. Extent and Use of Research 20

8. Clarity and Organization 20 TOTAL : 100

(iii) A penalty of two (2) marks for each side of memorial shall be entailed on each day’s default in submissions of memorials.

Oral Submissions

(i) Each team shall comprise of two (2) speakers, as has been specified earlier.

(ii) Court language shall be English only

(iii) Each team will have a maximum of thirty (30) minutes to present their Oral Submissions in Preliminary Round. No speaker will be permitted to address the Court for more than seventeen (17 minutes). This includes the time the speaker addresses the Court during the rebuttal/sur-rebuttal. The maximum time for rebuttal/sur-rebuttal is five (5) minutes.

(iv) The maximum time allotted in quarter finals, semi-finals and final shall be forty five (45) minutes for each team. No speaker shall be allowed to address the court for more than twenty five (25) minutes. This includes the time the speaker addresses the court during rejoinder/sur-rejoinder.

(v) At the commencement of each session of Oral Submissions each team must notify the Court Officer of the amount of time that the team reserves for their rejoinder/surrejoinder. A maximum of 5 minutes can be reserved for the rejoinder/sur-rejoinder.

(vi) At the commencement of each session of Oral Submissions each team shall notify the Court Officer as to the division of time between the 2 speakers.

(vii) If any speaker continues to speak after the completion of his/her time, he/she shall entail penalty which shall be upon the discretion of the judges.

(viii) The final decision as to the time structure and the right to rejoinder/sur-rejoinder will be that of the Bench Judges.

(ix) During the course of oral submissions the participants will not be permitted to make any audio/visual representation nor will they be allowed to use any other technical or mechanical device during their oral submissions.

(x) If at any instance a submission is made with any material in violation to the above clause and if any picture, sketches, photos, cartoons, caricatures, audio film, video film, projector-slide or a computer generated image is submitted or presented to court, the teams shall be disqualified from the competition forthwith.

(xi) During the course of the Oral Submissions no speaker shall neither reveal his/her identify nor the identity of their University / College by any means whatsoever.

(xii) Online Mooting Etiquettes: Only the respective team members, judges, bailiffs and members of the organizing Moot Court Committee may be present in the online Court rooms. No faculty designate or observer of participating Colleges/Institutions/Universities shall be allowed to join the virtual mooting sessions. In the Virtual Court Rooms, all participants shall keep their videos turned on during the entire presentation session.

(xii) Internet Requirements: Participants are advised to use a stable internet connection (a 4G or a WiFi) during the virtual mooting sessions. They are also advised to use Laptops/Desktops and not Mobile Phones during oral pleadings. The organizers shall not be held responsible for any glitches arising out of poor network or other technical issues. However, the organizers shall provide a reasonable time (about 10 to 15 minutes) to come back to a virtual courtroom if a participant is logged out because of poor network connectivity.

Marking Criteria for the Arguments:

(i) Each Speaker will be marked on a total of 100 marks by each Bench Judge.

(ii) The following will be the Marking Criteria and the Marks allocated to each Speaker by each Judge in the Round: Sr. No. Marking Criteria Marks allocated

1. Appreciation and Application of Facts. 10

2. Identification and Articulation of Issues. 10

3. Application of legal principles. 10

4. Use of authorities and precedents 10

5. Response to questions 10

6. Presentation skills 10

7. Clarity of thoughts and logical structure of arguments 10

8. Poise and Demeanor 10

9. Strategy 10

10. Ingenuity 10

TOTAL : 100

(iii) The decision of the judges as to the Marks allocated to any team shall be final.


Winning Team Award:

o The winning team will receive a trophy and a cash prize

Runners-Up Award:

o The 1 st runners up will get a trophy and a cash prize.

Best Student Advocate:

o Best student advocate will get a trophy and cash prize.

o Second Best Student Advocate will get a trophy and cash prize.

Best Memorial Award;

o Best memorial awardee will get a trophy and cash prize.

Certificate for participation will be given to all the participants.


i. The organizers of this online Moot Court Competition may amend the Competition Rules. However, any such amendment shall be brought to the notice of the participating teams.

ii. If there is any dispute in regard to the interpretations of the rules or with respect to any matter related to the competition which is not contemplated in the rules, the decision of the Organizers shall be final and binding.

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