10 Things to Know Before Law School

By Aditya Gupta

1. It really matters to go to a great school – if you go to a great school and you're mediocre, it's better than going to a mediocre school and doing well. Try heading to the better place, instead. Get outstanding undergraduate marks, spend the extra money to take up a good LSAT/ CLAT class and get the best possible LSAT/ CLAT ranking.

2. Your college grades always matter – As a law student and as an attorney, that will influence the whole career. To get good grades, do everything you can, and learn the subject. The college courses will also appear to be the cornerstone of your whole future.

3. Make contacts – be contact with as many upper classmen as possible, because they would have exposure to excellent outlines now, and would have made. . Make buddies at law school, too, and if they have a decent career, they WILL support you.

4. You better enjoy reading and learning – Enough said, because you'll do it every single hour of your day ... for the rest of your life.

5. It is important to write well - When you're not organized and decent at writing, know that before you are attending law school, not during.

6. Avoid debts as best as you can – it's not easy to manage them over the next 20 years, so in reality it places you at a disadvantage for those who got out of debt or who go right through their job following undergraduation. The fewer you get, the better, because then you are not going to have to accept the first job from which you get an offer.

7. Is this really what you want to do? – School of law is good for enhancing the intellect. There are other successful career options, though, that are mentally engaging, and are more financially profitable than the law, and require fewer effort than the lawyers. At least you will be guessing which specialization you want to follow. If under the following conditions you flourish, then you may be a good fit for this career:4

· Making people argue with you every minute , every day of your life, , seeking to show you are wrong or stupid;

· Having the power to foresee any possible event that could ever arise in a particular situation;

· Being able to argue and consider both sides of an issue (not only arguing on the grounds of a position, ethical principle, political belief; and

· To listen to the concerns of the people, day in and day out, and never get sick of hearing about them.

8. What important is your reputation - You should try to establish a positive image during the first year in law school, and strive to support people when they need assistance. Partly because of this, and partly because you need good influencers in your corner: hang out with the students who would perform better in the school of law, not just the "popular ones."

9. You 're going to feel stupid, allow it - You may sound like the stupidest guy in the school of law. If you don't, you 're definitely flunking out, because you believe you know better than you do

10. Explore your opportunities. Consider all job prospects and spend time before Law School. Once you go to law school, make sure it really is the place you want to be because of all the debt you accumulate, and because you lose key years in your career because of law school. If you're going to look to get your MBA, do it first. if you decide to become a photographer, do that first. If you want to travel to Europe, first do that. Once you graduate from the law school, if you choose to have a good job, the freedom to do as you want is considerably restricted.

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