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LawBharat is an online platform constructed to bring all aspects of law under one single root for brilliant legal minds. From aspiring lawyers to experienced advocates there is always an ever-growing need to learn and develop. LawBharat undoubtedly covers it all. It provides law students an opportunity to participate in in-house events like Seminars, Workshops, Moots, and promote external events as well. At the same time, it imparts a thorough knowledge of law through legal news, law awareness, newsletters, articles, blogs, and much more. The core team comprises of 7 members from different universities across the country. We aim to create a family of more than 1000 law students across the country to tackle basic problems that a legal researcher face in his/her day to day life. LawBharat is the brainchild of various legal luminaries and eminent recognized personalities across the country. LawBharat is aimed at the dissemination of legal information and the innovative understanding and application of different areas of law to ensure that legal knowledge penetrates every corner of the ever-growing legal fraternity. Legal education is a science which imparts to students knowledge of certain principles and provisions of law to enable them to enter the legal profession.

Aims and Objectives:
- LawBharat will provide and guide the law students about the basics of research work,
the use of citations (Bluebook, Oscola, Harvard, etc.), the use of SCC Online and
much more which will create a base for the law students.

- Through ambitious and studious legal brains across the country, the LawBharat aims
to make valuable contributions to the masses on contemporary legal issues and
developments in the ubiquitous field of law.

- LawBharat aims to organize various national level competitions such as Article
Writing Competitions, Moot Court Competitions, Policy Drafting Competition,
Judgment Writing Competitions, Quiz Competitions, Case Comment Competitions
and much more which will help the budding lawyers and student fraternity to
improvise their legal knowledge.

- LawBharat aims to reach and spread knowledge and awareness to each and every
corner of the country.

LawBharat strives to foster growth and development of the legal fraternity through
discussions about the developments in the field of law through competitions, publications,
conferences, social events, and many more things. Our purpose is to deliver a diverse and
accessible setup for the people, at all levels, by providing resources and materials which will
enrich the writing as well as communication skills. LawBharat emphasizes spreading legal
knowledge in each and every corner of the country and much beyond that.

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